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"I was suffering from the last six months to run my product adds due to some under reviews but they were not running but after met robby i feel good because now my ads are running and making profit to me." thanks Robby'Christy

"My replica ads were not running due to Google TOS but robby made its simple by applying his black hat techniques." Rachael-hoyle

"My product was software downloads and from the last few months i was just losing money as my ads were going in under review ,but dont know how he made the ads run ,he is the man for me ,thanks Robby" Patricia Reszetylo

"Ahhh,those were the bad days when I used to run my ads and after some time ,boom ,ads rarely show due to low quality score .then I met robby and he made some changes in landing and applied some techniques and now I am happy that he is managing the ads for me. I can now spend more time in exploring more products . Thanks again Robby " Matt Baker


My name is Robby and am an adwords pro .I have been working in ppc for almost 6 years now providing my clients traffic which converts well at lowest possible cost .I try my 100% to run all kinds of products on google whether the product is ethical or unethical .So far ,there hasn't been any single product which I am not being able to run for my clients.

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Well,I know adwords is not a magic to make it run but I know there are plently of people who are suffering from adwords accounts suspenstion and not being able to run ads properly I manage only those clients who are facing problem in running their ads on Google.

Common problem that advertisers face

  • Suspended as billing info is not verified
  • Low quality score
  • Increased cpc
  • Less traffic more cost
  • Under review
  • Contact us issues
  • Product/software not according to google TOS

Products I am currently working on

Right now I have being working with clients in which 90% products are unethical which google doesnt allow them to run. Some examples on the ads I am currently running are:

  • Make money online
  • Get rich fast
  • Software downloads
  • Subscriptions forms5
  • Spyware
  • Replica
  • Affiliate marketing

There are many other products which I have been running for the clients which I cant discuss it here .

Contact me if you are serious about the products and putting your ad live on Google search.

Free $150 adrun for new advertisers to prove my capabilities.

PS: (Only genuine inquiries please .I dont give free consultation tips )